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You're a tailor too, great talk to us :

We have been in Hong Kong for the past 44 years & have been dealing in
"Custom Made Clothes" since 1964. In the past we have been only behind
the scenes to serve our customers from USA, Europe & South America.

Please kindly send us your details & we will discuss how to serve
you best from " The capital " of Custom Made Clothes.

Myshirtmakers.comhave over forty agents/distributor in North America, Europe, South America, U.K., Canada, and Australia for whom we produce hand made tailored clothes, custom made suits,shirts and ladies custom made clothes.Myshirtmakers.comwill also make uniforms for pilots, doctors and company uniforms.

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Mid-Range & High Quality Workmanship :

If you are looking for low price & low quality
suits, shirts or low price tailor made clothes
maybe we cannot help you in this matter.

As we do not want to work on low end tailor made
garments, as there are too many alterations /
cheap workmanship / low quality accessories /
low quality material. Most important of all, the tailors
are not willing to cooperate as they are looking to make
a quick buck & they will not pay much attention to the
order or simply won't do any alteration, even if they have
done a mistake in making the custom made garments.

Honesty is the best policy.

More aboutReseller Tailor Program / Wholesale Tailoring:

         If you are a tailor from Overseas & have always been interested
         in "Hong Kong for your Custom Made Clothes", look no further : --



         Suit, Ladies Blouses & Made to Measure Clothes.

         Hong Kong being stitched into the garments for you.

You are just few clicks away from experiencing some of the world's finest
workmanship & the world's most famous fabrics likeDormeuil & Testa.

Other Fabrics : Super 120's / Super 150's / Tweed / Flannel /
Wain Shiell and etc.

We sincerely hope to serve you & your company soon, thanks.

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