Hong Kong Custom Tailor, Custom Tailored Clothing for Men and Women - Hong Kong's Top Tailor FAQ's


How long does it take?

Usually custom tailoring takes 3 weeks to 4 weeks, although if the need is urgent, arrangements can be made to expedite part of your order. We always try our best to deliver sooner. If you need your order sooner please send in your request and we'll do our best to get it to you in time.

How much does it cost?
 We have over 3,000 top quality fabrics to choose from by Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Loro Piana.

We have over 2,000 luxury shirting fabrics to choose from by Testa, and Thomas Mason.

The equivalent cost of these luxury products at a retail store would be double.

Please kindly contact us. 

Can I choose specific style details for suits and shirts made by Myshirtmakers ?

Yes!  We can make any style of suit that you desire. We also offer additional features:
       * Personal embroidery into the inside of your jacket
    * Hand picked buttons and linings
    * Working button holes on sleeves
    * Inside arm shields
    * Ticket pockets
    * Additional internal pockets
    * Hand cut and rolled collars
    * Over 15 monogram designs for shirts
    * 15 collar styles for shirts
    * 10 cuff styles for shirts

How often does Myshirtmakers get new fabrics to choose from?

Every season,  Myshirtmakers is given the latest fashion fabrics from Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Loro Piana. We have over 3,000 suiting fabrics to choose from and over 2,000 shirt fabrics to choose from.

Can you copy the style and fit of my favorite suit or shirt?

Once we have taken your measurements, we can remake your favorite suit or shirt to fit you even better! We can duplicate any style or fit that you desire.

How are Myshirtmakers suits constructed?

Unlike a lot of cheaply made "fused" suits, Myshirtmakers uses high quality 
canvas in the internal construction of all of our suits.

What is Super 100's, 120's, 150's? is this the only measurement of quality?

The "Super count" denotes only 1 aspect of a cloth's quality; It is a measurement of the diameter of the woolen fiber that is used to construct the cloth. Super 100's is made from 18 micron fiber. Super 120's and 150's fabrics are made from even finer woolen fibers. The higher the Super count, the finer the fibers. It is important to remember that there are many other aspects to consider when measuring the quality of a fabric. You should consider the yarn count, the finishing, the weave construction, the dimensional stability, and the crease resistance (to name a few). Only genuine fabrics from mills like Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Loro Piana guarantee this quality. Beware of cheap imitators who will try to sell you fake fabrics marked with ridiculously high Super counts. These are not genuine fabrics and it is easy to simply feel the difference.

What is the difference between Myshirtmakers and traveling Hong Kong tailors?

Myshirtmakers remains the most professional and trustworthy Hong Kong tailor. 
We've been based in Hong Kong for roughly 40 years or more and we 
guarantee all of our products. 

We are not fly-by-night tailors who drift from town to town. 
Myshirtmakers provides personal service tailored to your needs. 
You can always e-mail us. 

We're open from 11 Am to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. 
You can also e-mail us:  info@myshirtmakers.com

How do I know that the cloth is genuine?

A good question! Many less reputable tailors sell fake European fabrics. 
Myshirtmakers guarantees that the cloth we sell is genuine. 

Why should I choose Myshirtmakers for my suits and shirts?

Put simply, Myshirtmakers offers the very best prices in area for suits made with genuine fabrics from Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Zegna, Loro Piana. Guaranteed! 
We have been in Hong Kong since 1960's and are always here for you. 90% of our business is repeat business - the true sign of a company that looks after customers.

How long has Myshirtmakers been in business?

Myshirtmakers.com has been making suits for the best dressed for USA, UK and 
South America tailors from Hong Kong for roughly 40 years.

Can Myshirtmakers make custom tuxedos and topcoats as well?

Yes. We can custom make sports coats, dinner jackets, tails, blazers, and slacks - anything that requires fine tailoring. We also offer career women's business suits and shirts.

Can I schedule an on-site visit with your master tailor in my home or office?

Certainly. If you have 25-30 or more people interested in custom tailored suits, we will be happy to make the arrangements. Our tailors travel extensively throughout the US and Europe.

Where will my clothes be made?

Every custom suit, shirt, jacket, and pair of slacks that we sell is cut and sewn in our factory in Kowloon, Hong Kong. On completion of your order, all garments are shipped to you or your office. 

When I place my order, can I choose different styles? Is it possible to request different collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique features on my shirts?

Yes, but to continue offering you the best possible prices, we ask that you choose 3 shirts per style. This means at least 3 shirts should have the same collar, cuff, monogram style and location of features.

Can I use different fabrics?

Of course! You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 2000 shirtings, all of which come with high thread counts for rich texture and feel. We have put only a few samples up here on our site, but we encourage you to browse through the fabrics we've posted. Then, if you don't find the exact fabric you're looking for, simply send us an e-mail with the description, or a photograph from a catalog or magazine. We'll try to find the perfect match for you (and we can even send you a swatch!)

I'm a bit hesitant to order custom shirts...I worry about the fit.

Not to worry. You may start your first order by sending us your best fitting shirt. Or, if you do take your own measurements, follow the guidelines on our site to be sure the information is precise and comprehensive. Once we've received your order, our master tailor will e-mail you and confirm all of your sizes for complete accuracy.
Are new fabrics available frequently?

Yes, twice a year we introduce new fabrics. Let us know if you have a specific request, and we will endeavor to find the fabric for you.
What are the differences among the dress shirt fabrics that you offer?
You will often see dress shirt fabric described numerically as 50's, 80's, 100's, 120s, 140s, 160s, etc. This number refers to the thickness of the yarn: the lower the number, the thicker the yarn; the higher the number, the finer the yarn.

120's 140's 160's two-ply cottons are the most luxurious (and expensive) dress shirt fabrics. Individual yarns are even thinner, the weave even tighter and the thread count per inch even greater. The fabric is silky smooth and it holds color and pattern extremely well. Although the price of a higher thread count dress shirt is usually twice that of its 80's counterpart, many men make that extra investment because they enjoy the softness and luster, as well as the finer tailoring details that typically are offered in this luxury shirt.

100's two-ply broadcloth is a luxury fabric with a silky feel. It is very durable due to its two-ply thread (two individual threads are twisted together) and close weave.

80's pinpoint oxford is another excellent two-ply fabric. It is also extremely durable, but has more texture (a weightier look) than a broadcloth fabric.

Royal Oxford cloth possesses the durability of pinpoint oxford with more texture (in colored Royal Oxford fabric, you can see a small amount of white in the weave).

50's Egyptian Cotton, woven of single-ply thread, is a lightweight and durable cotton fabric at a great value.

Does each and every customer get his own personalized pattern?

Absolutely! A precise paper pattern is prepared based on your personal measurements and requirements. The only thing that is the same for all of our customers is our commitment to quality. We use the finest threads, and the strongest linings in the collars and cuffs (and our buttons will never turn milky white from laundering!)

Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

 Yes.  At some extra charge, of course.

Will my shirt tails be long enough?

 We would never skimp here. Your shirt tails will be based upon your height and weight, then designed to your complete satisfaction.
Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of a favorite shirt presently in my wardrobe?

Absolutely. Just send us your shirt with your order. We'll be glad to incorporate any changes you might want, then return the shirt you sent, along with your new Myshirtmakers shirts..

What's the difference between 'Non Fused' and 'Fused' ?

Fused collars and cuffs get a heavy lining. The innerfacing and outer material are fused using a high heat and glue to make them a bit stiffer. We recommend non-fused if you send your shirts to a commercial laundry, and fused if you launder your shirts at home.
Do you share your customer list with other companies?

We never have, and we never will. We respect and value your privacy.
Do your shirts come with removable or permanent stays ?

Our Shirts come with removable stays, but you could specify permanent stays in the Styles details.
How are you different from the other custom tailors who advertise on the Internet? Why should I choose you?

 Glad you asked. It's true, there are other companies. Our point of difference is how we take care of our customers. It shows in the craftsmanship details, the way we respond to requests, and ultimately in the value of each garment that bears the 
Myshirtmakers name.

Hong Kong Tailors Vs Other Tailors ?

We do not use cheap tailors, so you may find our prices high. 
As cheap tailors have lots of problems, which we do not wish to disclose or 

As Hong Kong is one the most expensive city in the world & tailors in Hong Kong have 
been instructed, trained by well known British Tailors in UK. We have been in business
since 40 years and behind many well known tailors in UK, Canada, USA and 
South America are our loyal customers for more than 30 years.

When your quality remains or improves through time, your customers keep on
increasing & you'll not have to worry about it.

Why Myshirtmakers Tailors and not some other Hong Kong tailor?

Myshirtmakers Tailors is a Hong Kong Company. Mr. Manesh grew up and learned the tailoring business in Hong Kong from his father, and has lived in the Hong Kong for the past 30 years. That means second generation in business.

His company, Myshirtmakers Tailors, is a Hong Kong company.

Everyone who answers the phone is a fluent English speaker, and will be
glad to help you.

email me